Solar energy


Solar energy is inexhaustible and environmentally most acceptable. The Sun supplies the Earth with 3000 times more energy, in terms of that currently consuming the world’s population.

Solar energy has attracted the attention of science and the public in the last few decades. Solar energy is an immediately usable, clean and renewable resource, which is a huge advantage over fossil fuels, so more and more work is being done on systems that convert solar into electricity, both small-sized houses and large commercial solar panels give a big contribution to the stability of the work of public bodies.

The application of solar energy can be direct and indirect.

The indirect application of solar energy occurs as the use of wind energy that occurs with the action of the sun’s light on the atmosphere and the oceans,
Direct application of solar energy is the process of obtaining electricity by converting solar energy which is collected in artificial collectors. There are two main types of artificial collectors that directly collect and apply the energy of the Sun, which are solar panels and concentrators.