Partners of PiKCELL Group


The company cooperates with the world’s most famous producers of raw materials that guarantee the highest quality of the final product. In the Republic of North Macedonia, we cooperate with the most renowned companies in the field of solar energy utilization, which is a solid basis for further improvement of our operations.

KMG EOL KVAZAR founded in 2007 is the leading company in the Republic of North Macedonia for planning, designing and making solutions for saving energy by using innovative solar products that besides saving electricity, help in protecting the environment in the fight against climate change. In its portfolio, the company has projected more than 20MW and installed more than 6MW photovoltaic power plants.
JUST SOLAR Co. LIMITED and PIKCELL GROUP LTD established long-term and in-depth cooperation, which resulted in the possibility of mutual authorization and usе of the brands of our two companies. We welcome the new strategic partnership and invite you to be part of our joint successes of JUST SOLAR Co. LIMITED and PIKCELL GROUP in the future.
CAMEL SOLAR is a leading company in the Republic of North Macedonia for the design and production of the most efficient solar thermal solutions intended for residential service and industrial facilities.
SOLAR-ET is a leader in innovation and production of high-quality and efficient photovoltaic thermal modules.
PVMAK is an association of companies for the production, design and construction of photovoltaic systems.