Препораки од глобални компании од секторот на производство на фотоволтаични материјали и производи.

Vista Solar

VISTASOLAR® was first introduced in 1982 and was the first commercial grade of EVA for photovoltaic applications with excellent performance and quality.

Today, VISTASOLAR® continues to expand with new technology to help manufacturers lower total production costs by increasing output under the production of TPI All Seasons.
VISTASOLAR® EVA encapsulants provide many different grades including standard cure, fast cure, ultra fast cure and ultra fast cure with PID resistance.
VISTASOLAR® EVA encapsulants are designed to improve module durability (lower UV transmitting) and increase energy absorption (lower UV blocking).

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Today, the solar industry is strongly oriented towards standardization and mass production, while the construction industry needs flexible yet cost effective solutions for the integration of solar systems in buildings, with minimal architectural constraints and reliable delivery times.

Our mission is to develop and market solutions that meet these needs.

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Just Solar

JUST SOLAR GROUP is committed to clean and renewable energy, to explore the road of sustainable development. To protect the earth's ecology and to care for the well-being of mankind.

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Lightway cells are produced from high quality silicon wafers in an ISO9001 / ISO14001 environment,under rigid TQC & SPC quality control systems and Lightway modules are manufactured in an ISO9001/ISO14001 environment with TUV/UL/CE etc international certificates..

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Established in 2007, Lux is the first Italian manufacturer of multicrystalline wafers for photovoltaic applications. Since 2009, the company produces ingots in her plant in Alessandria and, with the help of her European partners, is able to provide the full range of products in the photovoltaic supply chain.

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